The Car Makes and Models Database API

You can now access our Car Makes and Models database through our API saving you both time and money. The API is easy to use - and can be set up within seconds.

Suitable for web or mobile applications

Vehicle data is returned in JSON format suitable for both web and mobile applications.

Flexible usage

All API keys are created with 20 free credits to help you on your way. Every request costs 1 credit and credits can be topped up below.

Car makes database

Adding credits to your API key

By default, all API keys created are created with 20 credits to help integrate with your application. For production use, you can top up credits by purchasing them with the following form. The more credits you purchase, the more you save. 1 API request costs 1 credit.

How to use the API

Once you have created an API Key (above), you can then begin to use the API and query the Car Makes and Models database. This works by accessing a URL with specific parameters to return a set of data. All URLs need to include the API Key. For example, the following URL will fetch all Audi car models:<API KEY>&make=Audi

Please remember to URL encode all parameters. In the following examples, replace the bold values with your actual values.

Retrieve all vehicle manufacturers

To retrieve all vehicle manufacturers from the API, do not specify any parameter other than the API key<API KEY>

Retrieve vehicle models

To retrieve all vehicle manufacturers from the API, specify the 'make' parameter.<API KEY>&make=Audi

Retrieve vehicle model years

To retrieve all vehicle model years from the API, specify the 'make' and 'model' parameters.<API KEY>&make=Audi&model=A1

Retrieve engine sizes

To retrieve all engine sizes for a given vehicle, specify the 'make', 'model' and 'year' parameters.<API KEY>&make=Audi&model=A1&year=2014

Retrieve fuel types

And finally, to retrieve all fuel types for a given vehicle, specify the 'make', 'model', 'year' and 'engine' parameters.<API KEY>&make=Audi&model=A1&year=2014&engine=2.0+litres